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About Great Wedding Toasts

Our mission: Why we exist
Great Wedding Toasts is all about one thing: Helping to create perfect toasts for wedding receptions and rehearsal dinners, and ensuring that you - whether you're the bride, groom, best man, maid-of-honor, bridesmaid, groomsman, or father or mother of the bride or groom - come off looking like a true star when you deliver yours!

In a recent survey featured in Modern Bride magazine, close to 1 out of 5 brides admitted what wedding-goers have suspected for years: That the best man's speech given at their wedding could only be described by them as "mortifying."

If 1 in 5 brides are mortified by the quality of the best man's toast, what chance do most toasters-to-be have of penning a truly excellent wedding toast? Not much.

Writing a wedding toast is a daunting task for many. And, finding the right, much less the most touching, moving words for the occasion is no small order … particularly when the soon-to-be toaster is strapped for time, is stressed out with other wedding obligations, or simply isn't a gifted writer.

Great Wedding Toasts' takes the pain out of the wedding speech delivery process, allowing anybody, regardless of their speech writing ability to give a toast that is bound to be one of the event's most memorable performances, and one of their loved ones' most cherished memories. We take pride in this fact.

Count on us to make the perfect sentiments flow from your mouth just a freely as the toasting champagne will from the bottle!

We're at your service. Let us know how we can help.

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"Everything I needed to put my thoughts into words."

"With your templates literally everything I needed to put my thoughts into the right words was given to me ... just as advertised …"

- C. Moreau
(Los Angeles, CA)
"Was struck by how easy they were to personalize."

"I was particularly struck by how easy it was to personalize them to the bride and groom. You obviously went out of your way to make sure this could be done."

- D. Hayes
(Cambridge, MA)
"I used your package to put together a speech for a wedding [last] Friday and the results were tremendous. I got so many compliments, I really couldn't believe it!"

-L. Asbury
(Carlsbad, NM)